Videos for every occasion

Adams River Salmon Run

5 minutes 57 seconds

Estimated at some 10 million fish, the Adams River sockeye run of 2010 was the largest in a century.


Let’s talk about the climate crisis!

5 minutes 30 seconds

A billion greenhouse gas pollution devices in a billion cars. Just say it.

False Creek seawall

May 15, 2020
2 minutes 52 seconds

Charleson Park. The view north near the False Creek seawall. One continuous shot.

Happy Birthday to You

1 minute 37 seconds

Anthony Prosk performs on flute over a recorded arrangement by Gary Lundy.

Lookin’ for Adventure

2 minutes

A guileless, off-leash canine in Charleson Park, Vancouver. Never, ever give up looking for fun and adventure.

Chalk Talk, the Movie

1 minute 58 seconds

Ms Hedley and Mr Frump show you how to make REALLY BIG NUMBERS with multiplication!

Smash up Clean Up

5 minutes 54 seconds

An accident involving a flatbed truck and parked cars on a steep hill in Vancouver. No one was hurt. A vehicle owner arrives at the scene to find her damaged SUV being towed away.