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No Carbon Nation

Feature documentary (2014-15)
94 minutes

A primer on the key technical, regulatory and financial pathways toward ending CO2 pollution from global energy production. Policy wonks will enjoy its thoroughness, but viewers unfamiliar with energy infrastructure might doze off before they hear James Hansen say “the fundamental difficulty is that fossil fuels are presently the cheapest energy. But they’re cheapest only because they don’t pay for their cost to society.”

The first part of what Hansen says is no longer true. In many parts of the world, it is now cheaper to harness solar and wind energy for electricity generation than it is to mine, transport and burn coal or natural gas.


False Creek seawall

May 15, 2020
2 minutes 52 seconds

Charleson Park. The view north near the False Creek seawall. One continuous shot.

Happy Birthday to You

1 minute 37 seconds

Anthony Prosk performs on flute over a recorded arrangement by Gary Lundy.

Lookin’ for Adventure

2 minutes

A guileless, off-leash canine in Charleson Park, Vancouver. Never, ever give up looking for fun and adventure.

Chalk Talk, the Movie

1 minute 58 seconds

Ms Hedley and Mr Frump show you how to make REALLY BIG NUMBERS with multiplication!

Smash up Clean Up

5 minutes 54 seconds

An accident involving a flatbed truck and parked cars on a steep hill in Vancouver. No one was hurt. A vehicle owner arrives at the scene to find her damaged SUV being towed away.