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Other documentaries about clean energy and energy transition

4threvolutionThe 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy (2010)
A vision of a democratized energy supply and a global community supplied by 100 % renewable energy.
A film by Carl-A. Fechner
Watch trailer, buy DVD online.
capitolguyCarbon Nation (2010)
A survey of the innovators and entrepreneurs who are laying the groundwork for a clean energy future. Directed by Peter Byck in collaboration with Arizona State University. Watch trailer, buy DVD online. Available on Netflix in the US.
switchSwitch (2012)
A conservative assessment of energy transition based on current practices and realities in the energy space. Free DVD available for educators. Made by Harry Lynch and Scott W. Tinker with support from The Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas.

Short films

cattleHolistic Planned Grazing
Outlines the concept of restoring grassland soils and preventing desertification to reduce concentrations of atmospheric CO2. Produced by the Savory Institute. (3.5 min.)
monteatsodalakeUtility Scale Geothermal
A tour of Alterra Power Corporation’s 23 megawatt geothermal plant in Nevada where hot volcanic rock is close to the surface. Geothermal provides excellent baseload power. Parts of this video appear in No Carbon Nation. (5 min.)
turbineInside a Wind Turbine
A complete animated tour inside a commercial wind turbine tower and nacelle, showing the access and safety systems, and basic generator components. Produced by UVSAR. (10 min.)
coalplantCoal Fired Electricity Generation
An animated explanation of how a coal plant produces electricity, including how it deals with combustion byproducts. Commissioned by First Energy of Ohio, and produced by EDP Video. (9.5 min.)
carbon capture and storageCarbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
A succinct explanation of how CO2 emissions can be captured from coal-fired electric generation plants, steel mills and other major emitters. Produced by Shell. (1.5 min.)
Concentrating Solar Plant in SpainConcentrated Solar Power (CSP)
The Gemasolar facility near Seville, Spain, which uses molten salt to store energy to produce electricity 24 hrs per day. The plant produces 20MW. Larger heliostat plants produce up to 400Mw. An episode from Al Jazeera’s Earthrise series. (4.5 min.)
counsellorClimate Solutions Stories
A series of short documentaries on low carbon energy initiatives in communities in Oregon and Washington. Part of a policy and action-oriented website maintained by Climate Solutions.
turbines and sunflowerSustainability Pioneers
A series of short community-based documentaries visualizing a bridge from our fossil-fuel based economy to an economy based on renewable energy and sustainable living. Produced by Kirsi Jansa.

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